Our Cause

In recent years, centers ISCKON around the world and particularly in Indonesia are growing rapidly. The existence ISCKON centers spread throughout Indonesia, including in Jakarta. The only Temple in Jakarta is located at Pasar Baru area, where becomes to be the oasis and shelter from hustle and bustle of everyday activities in the capital city.

Pasar baru area itself been visited by Srila Prabhupada in His spiritual mission. Pasar Baru area has strategic value because of its location in the heart of the capital city, a considered little India, close to the places of worship such as Masjid Istiqlal, Cathedral Church, Khong Fu Chu Temple, Sikh Temple,  President palace, etc. So if we build a Hindu temple in this area, it would be perfect to established our existence in Indonesia, the fourth largest country in term of population size. 

Considering this value and its strategic location, we are committed to raise funds to build a new Hindu Temple.

Seeing the rapid development of both ceremony activities and services to the Deities and also the growth of participants who join in the temple, we believe that many people will support us. There are reasons why we should build a new temple:


  1. We need to build a new temple to represent Lord Krishna opulence

  2. We need to build  a temple to worship Lord Krishna and Lord Jagannath

  3. A temple is very much needed in center Jakarta Area to represent Hindu community which already settled in Jakarta for decades

  4. There is no Hindu temple construction for many decades in the Jakarta area

  5. Temple in Pasar baru is the perfect place, at the center of Jakarta, near the biggest Mosque, Grand Church, and it is in little India area.

"Our main business is to love God not to ask God of our necessities"

(Srila Prabhupada)

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